I am a third-year HCC Ph.D. student advised by Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga at Georgia Tech. I am a User Experience practitioner with nine years of industry experience in India. The curiosity to build and reflect leads me back in one direction: asking questions. I am a reader, traveller, and an aspiring artist.

My areas of study

At Georgia Tech, I am a member of the Ubicomp Lab and earlier, the Hx Lab. In my research, I study how design supports problem-solving activity in health-related contexts, in what ways we can adapt design practices to support self-efficacy, and how HCI can create access to innovation in emerging care communities.

I recently graduated from the Masters in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) program at Georgia Tech in 2017. I have an MBA in Communication Management and a Bachelors in Financial Management. To learn more about where I have been, take a look at my CV.

My roles in industry

I started in communication media in Google India. I later transitioned to User Experience (UX) management. I managed end-to-end technology product development applying my skills to synthesize and navigate strategic needs.

In UX, the industry equivalent of HCI, I delivered interactive experiences for a diverse global clientele leading the talented team at ScreenRoot Technologies. Later I consulted on design initiatives for Indian startups in finance, retail and health. To see some of my UX projects, check out my design portfolio.

Curiousity and curios

On my own time, I follow my curiosity to know about my local community. I volunteer at Trees Atlanta on weekends, a citizen-run group concerned with sustaining community health.

I like to take on reading challenges and travel often. I collect tiny, esoteric curios not only when I travel but also locally. I like to make things with paper, clay, thread, ink, and now wood. I seek the company of trees but I love good conversation.

If you would like to reach me, just drop me a line!