Building Games for Fitness

Achieving one’s fitness goals takes effort, even more so indoors. Fitness equipment lacks the engagement people need to motivate continuous activity. To counter this challenge, we created a playful context that engages people by simulating an outdoor recreational environment in the living room.

Watch a one minute video of the game interactions here.

Game objectives: For the family

Staying Alive is a survival game for everyone in the family. The physical controller and the interactive visual game create an immersive environment. More importantly, the game is designed to tap into survival instincts with full-body interactions.

As the outcome of an interactive products class, I worked with a team to develop an interactive multi-modal game that engages players in physical activity.

Design Process: Sensor based interactions

We designed for the context of a shared living situation — across age groups. Tracing the story, we sketched the interface, and prototyped a low scale (25%) sensor for the physical platform. It allowed us to gather feedback from other design experts as well as informal user feedback on the model. Then, we built our final game controller over iterative cycles.